Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a written legal document in which you may give your authorization for someone else to act on your behalf. This may include financial powers like
buying and selling property or managing one’s assets. A Power of Attorney gives you the opportunity to keep your interests preserved and wishes known if you are unable to do so yourself. Along with a Last Will and Testament, a Power of Attorney should be included in everyone’s Estate Planning documents to ensure your interests are protected. An Estate Planning Attorney can aid you in ensuring your interests are protected.

A Power of Attorney is often referred to as a “POA” and has two legal terms that may be helpful to know. The “Principal” of the Power of Attorney is the person who is allowing or authorizing another person to act on his or her behalf. The “Agent” of the Power of Attorney is the individual who the power is given, this is the person who is acting on your behalf. The Agent is also sometimes referred to as an “Attorney-in-Fact.” At Hartsfield and Egbert, PLLC you can contact an Estate Planning Attorney to discuss whether a Power of Attorney is necessary for you.

Whether you have questions about how to get started in the right direction or questions about an instrument you have already created, feel free to contact our firm, Hartsfield & Egbert, PLLC at (405) 285-685, or visit our website www.helawedmond.com and schedule a consultation.

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